Every brand we create has three important ingredients: Passion, Purpose and Joy


The Fashion industry holds a unique role in shaping our world. It is an important catalyst that determines how trends evolve and thereby how society functions. Our MD Mr. Haresh M Mirpuri, who has seen a Silver Jubilee in the industry, birthed Aranyani, our luxury fashion brand, by adopting an assiduous approach.

The perils of wastage, over-consumption, labour issues and the negative impact on the planet can be effectively removed by adopting conscious practices. It was clear to him that quality of the product and the quality of life must go hand-in-hand, and ‘luxury’ necessitates a positive impact at every touchpoint.

Real estate

The Real Estate industry determines the environment of our lives. While our society has gained immensely with rapid globalisation and urbanisation, we are at that point, where the need for balancing growth is paramount.

Essensai brand is born with a vision to sustainably develop land, property and the neighbourhood in a manner that would bring social, community, commercial and environmental welfare.

Our real estate partnerships include Whitefield Tower, which is a 4.8 acre commercial office space and Assetz Marq, which is a 22 acre residential development with a 6 acre park.


The Hospitality industry ushers in a sense of well-being by providing qualitative and nurturing experiences that free the spirit, calm the mind and ground the body.

Through our brands ‘The Barnhouse’ and ‘Sai Smruti’, we offer a sense of home and inclusiveness amidst our community. Whether it is daring to offer a full vegetarian restaurant experience along with curated wellness sessions, or letting the young girls and women experience a sense of community and camaraderie with our activities in the hostel, we look to nurture holistically.


Aranyani's vision is to create a sustainable legacy in the luxury fashion industry for future generations. We will do this by providing an exquisite experience of modern luxury infused with the values of SAI (Service | Awareness | Inclusivity) using heritage artistry in our state-of-the-art atelier bringing freshness in design.

At Aranyani, we pioneered 24K gold-gilding on leather; blended hand-painting, embroidery and gold gilding to create unique artworks. We also use precious gemstones to accessorise the bags for their profound energetic value.

Even as we do this, Aranyani ensures a positive impact at every touchpoint.

We ensure fair wages that are at par with the best global standards for our craftspeople and artisans. We educate the children of the craftspeople and artisans through the Aranyani Education and Vocational Trust, funded through 1% of the total sales. With deep reverence to nature, we plant a tree for every bag purchased by our customers, monitor our carbon emissions, ensure zero-wastage and practice a plastic-free policy at the atelier. We humbly serve the community and society on a regular basis through thoughtful donations and distributions.

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Essensai’s purpose is to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefits across all our developments. We are committed towards the fulfilment of the following 5 primary objectives:

Deliver strong commercial results by improving land, property, places, goods and services. We commit to innovate continuously to achieve the above results and our sustainability goals. We will make a positive impact within our communities. We will always efficiently use our natural resources, restore and enhance our environment. We will contribute to our corporate’s primary social cause.

Essensai 067 is our neighbourhood format that will encourage participation, social networking and self expression between all the stakeholders in order to improve their lifestyle and well-being, making our space as their “Third Home”.

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The Barnhouse

The Barnhouse brand is being developed to promote both inner and outer wellness. Offering a sense of constant connectedness to nature through sensory experiences, the Barnhouse is a beautiful, calm and rejuvenating space to unwind and recharge. It helps to heal the body and calm the mind via select wellness offerings and the nourishing power of fresh organic produce.

Womanhood has always been the symbol of Shakti or the Life Force Energy in our Vedic culture. Women in India have progressed in their education substantially and are now both bread earners and torch bearers of the society.

The property in Basavanagudi, which was the first registered office of Sai Lakshmi Industries Pvt Ltd has now become a women’s hostel. Our goal is to make it a safe haven for students and working women alike, who live far from their homes - ensuring they have a comfortable, modern and hygienic space with a beautiful rooftop terrace, as we encourage the residents to celebrate life together as a family.

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