Founding Chairman

Mr Mohan N Mirpuri migrated to Indonesia as a little child soon after the state of Sindh was handed over to Pakistan during the partition days. His father did not survive the pandemic in Africa and left him one golden gift: the "Guru Granth", which he describes as his MBA course. Having nothing and nobody to support him and his mother, he built on the core values of the teachings of Guru Nanak. He worked from the age of 13 years, taking many short courses on accounting and manufacturing in his first 20 years of life. It is his faith in the Universal Master that made him fearless and capable to face any circumstances positively.

Mr Mohan Mirpuri found his God and Master in Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in 1976 and started following His teachings. It helped him build a purpose for his life. He built a successful company with a turnover of over U$ 150 million, employing 10,000 people with the sole purpose to help humanity. He built homes for the needy, medical facilities for the poor, schools for the economically weaker society, and places of worship. He worked to serve mankind. His life is an inspiration to his son Haresh M Mirpuri and grandson Somshekhar H Mirpuri.

Mohan N Mirpuri

Managing Director's letter

Dear Stakeholder,
Since my childhood days studying at the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions, one important value I have learned is that what you create or build is a reflection of your own inner self. Building and rebuilding Sai Lakshmi Industries has been a story of spiritual evolution. I realised that to build an honest company with high integrity required me to commit to these values. The choices that we make for ourselves is the true DNA of the company that we build.

The work that we do inculcates the three basic SAI values. Service is driven by the Vedic doctrine of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (Treat your guest as God). Awareness stems from the Vedic saying ‘Pragnanam Brahma’ (Enlightened Wisdom is God). Inclusivity is inspired by the Vedic belief of ‘Ekoham Bahusyam’ (One Becomes Many). From these values stem our brands, Aranyani, Sai Smruti, Essensai and The Barnhouse. I hope that through these offerings aided by commercial prudence and the Aranyani Trust, which we formed to help economically weaker children of our society, we will bring economic, social and environmental benefits to all our stakeholders.

I look forward to growing together as our country moves forward.

Jai Hind.

Haresh M Mirpuri

The Team

Haresh M Mirpuri - MD/Founder

Haresh possesses almost 30 years of experience in the entire vertical chain of fashion from spinning to weaving & dyeing, garment production, laundry, screen printing & embroidery and logistics and warehousing in LA. A second generation entrepreneur with a deep commitment towards Vedic Indian philosophies, sustainability, community building and societal welfare, he initiates businesses to promote the same.

Somshekhar H Mirpuri - Director and Co-Founder (Aranyani & Essensai)

Somshekhar completed a designing course at Arsutoria School, Milan and a visual merchandising course at Istituto Marangoni, London. He has always had a flair for hospitality and completed his first internship at the Olive Bar and Kitchen, in Bangalore at the age of 14. He spearheads the Networking, Sales and Marketing for the various SLIPL brands.